Hi guys,

A Big Happy family

A Big Happy MSU Computer science family

What advice can you offer to a CS freshman?

 My advice:  Don’t ever lie to yourself that you are running away from Mathematics or the “brain torture courses”,  and of course you should never keep your right-hand fingers anywhere far from the keyboard button that contains this  “;”  whenever you are coding, because you will use it to terminate almost all, if not all your statements.

I know you’re already doubting me freshman because your grammar teacher probably  talked of terminating sentences/statements with a “.” sign. What you did with your grammar teacher was a kid’s game, you should forget it. “;” this is the only ISO certified terminator! You wanna dare me to prove?  You better not dare me, because I can prove explicitly that my argument holds and your grammar teacher was a la……,, you said it yourself!

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