Lunar Park- StarTimes Kids Carnival

Laugh, Learn and Play with StarTimes at Lunar Park:

So good!

So good!

As a special way to say “thank you” to our subscribers, StarTimes is proud to introduce the StarTimes Kids Carnival, set to run every Sunday between August 1st and September 15th.

The StarTimes Sunday Kids Carnival lets your children have the time of their lives in Kenya’s favourite playground: Lunar Park. Nairobi and Mombasa residents get to enjoy trampolines, mini Ferris wheels and a host of exciting rides at Lunar Park that your child will absolutely love.

To make the kids Carnival that much more special StarTimes is offering subscribers and their families a ticket to the fun, absolutely free. Simply top up your account or purchase any StarTimes product and retrieve your coupon from any StarTimes customer service center or our tent at Lunar Park. The Kids Coupon you will receive allows you entry to Lunar Park Nairobi or Mombasa for an exciting afternoon of fun and laughs.

Make your children’s’ August holiday the best it can be with StarTimes as you Watch What You Want.

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